Move Out From Fulham with a Clean House and a Clear Conscience

It’s nice to lay the past to rest when you move on to a new chapter in your life. Book Swiss Cleaners for your Fulham move out cleaning and we’ll help you do just that. When you lock your old front door for the last time you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve left it in a condition that will delight the new occupants. Of course, if you’re moving out from a rented property, professional cleaning will also help assure you of the return of your deposit.

A Fresh Start with Move In Cleaning in Fulham

Call us to leave your old place spotless, or book us for your move in cleaning in Fulham. When you’d like us to do both, just ask! Your Swiss Cleaners services are all designed to make life just that but easier, so whatever you ask us to do you’ll always be sure of:

  • Free quotes on the work you’re considering
  • Online and telephone support available around the clock
  • Weekend, holiday and short notice cleaning available
  • Key pick-up and drop off can be arranged – you don’t need to be in your property when we clean it
  • Payment options of cash or card with no payment due until after your service is complete
  • Use us as a private customer or as a commercial client – we have special deals for landlords or letting agents who use us regularly

Make savings on the cost of your work when you book certain services together. Ask Swiss Cleaners to provide your removals services and you’ll only ever need to contact one number for any aspect of your move, or bring the sunshine into your new home with our window cleaning services.

It’s All in the Detail – How We Deliver End of Tenancy Cleaning in Fulham

This is a time when it’s important to get right to the edge of the carpets, inside cupboards, and attend to all the jobs that get overlooked in a furnished home but which stand out like a sore thumb in an unoccupied property. In other words it’s the perfect time for our meticulous cleaners to show what they’re made of. Your Fulham end of tenancy cleaning team will arrive with all the equipment and detergents needed and check lists of the work that needs to be completed. The only things you need to provide are water and an electrical supply – we take care of the rest.

Professional Standards in After Tenancy Cleaning

Your after tenancy cleaning will be provided by fully insured staff who’ve been reference checked before starting employment. You’ll be sure of getting the high standard of cleaning you deserve, because your cleaners will also have undergone training before coming to your property. Finally, we have an internal quality monitoring system in place, just to be certain that we can acknowledge good work and pick up on any potential issues at the earliest stage.

Book Your Move Out or Move In Cleaning services in Fulham

Call us 24/7 on 020 3404 1331 to get your free quote on Fulham move in cleaning services. Go on to make your booking in one quick call and know that you’ve just freed up your time to do something more interesting. Alternatively, request a call back from us by leaving your details on our contact form, or use our instant chat facility to send us a question, request a quote or make your booking.

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