Get High Class Glass with Our Window Cleaning in Fulham

Find window cleaning in Fulham that’s quick, affordable and hassle free. Book a service that protects your privacy, is safer for your windows and which cleans the whole unit, sills and frames as well as glass. Best of all, know that your window cleaners will get your glass cleaner than you’d think possible and that it’ll stay clean longer than using traditional methods. Don’t think it’s possible? Read on!

Window Cleaners in Fulham Who Work When You Need Them

Like all of our team, Swiss’s window cleaners in Fulham are dedicated individuals who’re committed to bringing you high quality workmanship, delivered in a way that fits in with your life. Choose us for:

  • The option to get your cleaning done at the weekend or on a bank holiday
  • 24/7 contact with our customer care department, online or over the phone
  • A free quote before your work starts with prices as transparent as your glass, and no hidden extras
  • No deposit due at the time of booking
  • Payment options of cash or card
  • Exterior cleaning can take place even when you’re not at home
  • Choose a service that uses water fed poles for safety and privacy, and distilled water for superior cleaning

Book us as a domestic or commercial client and benefit from discounts when you combine multiple services – consider wall cleaning to improve the exterior appearance of your whole property or arrange your window cleaning alongside a different specialist service such as oven cleaning.

How Swiss Cleaners Deliver Your Window Cleaning Services in Fulham

Your window cleaning services in Fulham are delivered using distilled water and a water fed pole. The extendible pole allows our cleaners to reach windows up to the fourth floor from the ground. This protects your privacy – your cleaners won’t be looking into your home – and it’s safer for cleaners and windows alike. Distilled water is more effective as a cleaning agent than ordinary tap water – the lack of minerals in it means that it will dissolve dirt more efficiently, and there are no deposits left behind to smear the glass. This system offers very rapid cleaning, making for an affordable service as well as a superior one.

Use Us for Your Commercial Window Cleaning Too

We offer both domestic and commercial window cleaning. Either way, the work is done by ID-checked, reference-vetted, uniformed and fully insured individuals. The cleaners who come to you will have received training in the use of our specialist equipment – if you watch them work you’ll notice that they pass the pole over every window twice, once to dissolve dirt and the second time to rinse. Over time this system acts to sterilise the glass and leave it more resistant to fresh dust or dirt.

Book Your Commercial or Domestic Window Cleaning

Call our 24/7 customer support line 020 3404 1331 to get your free quote and book your window cleaning. Alternatively, use one of our web-based services for enquires, quote requests or booking. Leave your details on our contact form when you’d like us to get in touch with you, or type directly into the chat box at the bottom of this page for an instant online response.

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